Musicproducer | Audio Engineer



Create own new songs from scratch and get creative and look out for new collaboration to get into the step of music production.


The main part of my work is my music production. Modern, clean and good sounding mixing process is key.


The dynamic-growing music industry has changed very dramatically over the last 10 years and good Management has become irreplaceable.

Love Music!

I produce music! Write a song, get an awesome sounding mix, spread it out to the world and get people to hear your music – that’s what I look for.

Ever felt passioned about something? Than go ahead and find your way how to achieve your dream goals

Manage your Business!

Music production is both creative Art and economic business. From the economic point of view it’s one step of the product process but things don’t end here. Go beyond and get the right marketing and customer experience for success is crucial.

Create a Network!

I am passioned about mixing music and how music works as a business but other people have other focal points e.g. drumming, singing or playing other instruments. In order to get the best results all interest groups should work together.

Music creates emotion!

If you want to colloborate with me, please send me a demo of your work.

Steps of Music Production


An idea of a theme is getting develop from its composer to a piece of music regarding to harmonic, melodic, rhythm and shape. Don’t trust that “You can fix it in the mix”! A song already must sound good in this step of processing.


Here the song goes ahead an gets recorded in a studio before editing is done to the tracks. After that the mixing- and mastering process follows. Here’s where my magic happens and the song get’s its final sound.

Marketing & Promotion

Very often producers stop at step 2 and wonder why their music don’t get heard on their YouTube-channel. See your music as a business! Products are not just produced, they must get noticed by their potenial costumers.

Music Made in Germany!

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