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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a mix analysis?

In the Light-Plan I will review your mix as objectively as possible and give my subjective opinion on to the quality of production. To guarantee a helpful review I clear up were the strengths and weaknesses of your mix are and how you probably can fix these issues. Heed my advices and your mix should probably getting better.

What If i only need a specific business Advice?

For just a little business consulting please send me an email with your problem and we should come together easily.


Do I get Discount when I hire you for more than one Song?

Totally yes!

Why does it say "Starting at"?

A typical pop mix isn’t equal to orchestra mix, while the letter logically will assume more time referring to the big number of tracks that will be in the mix. A typical pop mix will contain up to about 20 recorded tracks and that’s where my pricing starts at.

What Does business Consulting mean?

The Consulting focusing on your music as a business and a product. What ways you can improve the customers consuming experience and how you transfer that experience into money. It’s very enthralling but also complex. That’s why it’s part of the pro plan.

Why should i get a Strategy DEvelopment?

Having a good song and awesome sound is one thing. On the other hand, you will need people to know your song exists and of course target those who may be very interested in your music. The right strategy is crucial for gaining fans, traffic, plays… what makes your success.

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