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What I Do Best

Coporate with a music producer who really knows his stuff!

Certified music producer, audio engineer and music manager.


I Can Do It!

Although I have experience in all steps of the production process, I can really help you the most with Songwriting, Mixing and Business Consulting.


I will contact you with people who can provide the best service possible in this area. With me you can only do basic recording e.g. demo work.


Writing a song fitting for another artist and work out form, melody, harmonies and rhythm – that’s what I do!


Music Mixing

Mixing is my key skill when it comes to music production. Getting your sounds really modern and awesome so everything will fit together and are set to get a new chart hitting mix, that’s what I can do best!

Business Consulting

You have struggles understanding music business or have a specific problem with your music distribution? Maybe it’s time for a real strategy and right marketing. Get yourself the help your music deserve!


Mastering with some of the high end Plug-Ins for digital mastering. I can already make your mixes shine. Wish real analog mastering gear? I probably will find you somebody.


My 3-Step-Success Process

Analysis & Planning

What are you aims? What vision do you have for yourself? 
Analyze your position and what steps are needed to take you from your position now to your wished position. Make it a plan!

Execute & Operate

Once your plan is set make sure do to the necessary steps and don’t forget to keep your aim in mind if it gets hard or you feel lost at some point.

Monitoring & Analysis

continuously monitor yourself. Are the results the once you had expected and if not, why? What do you need to change?

Start analyzing again and continue that process.

From Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities


In life you must make countless decisions. The sum of all them get you on a way that is leaving your footprints behind and get you towards your aim. If you truly passioned about something, you’ll go this way no matter how long or how difficult it is. Sometimes you’ll make wrong decisions and you’ll need to go the way back, but now you know that this path isn’t the right route to your life goal, so go-ahead and take another way.

– Brian von Knoblauch


Pricing Models For Every Need

You can cooporate individualy based to your needs. You either can go with the basic plan fitting for mixing and mastering matters or the pro plan where we take your music to the next level.

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